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Windsurf board into a Foil

The foil is a fin that exploiting the hydrodynamics effect allows your windsurf board to rise from the water and “fly” on the surface.

Almost all windsurfing companies for 2018 have provided some models foil ready, where was reinforced the fin box, but how you may know the prices of this board are over 2.000 euros.

Why don’t use your old board and save a lot of may and “get ready” for foiling?

The conversion involves the removal of the old Tuttle Box to be able to insert a reinforced Deep Tuttle box as you can see from the images below:

You can buy online the Deep Tuttle Fin box or you can bring us  your the board and we will prepare your board.

What’s difference between the Deep tuttle compare a Deep tuttle Foil Box, below a small scheme:

Fin box model Tuttle Box Deep Tuttle Box Deep tuttle Foil Box
Material Plastic 2 layer of PVC + Carbon 5 Layers of PVC  – Carbon and  T reinforcements
Weight 230 grams 300 grams 380-400grams

The Foil box can be installed in any windsurfing board or Sup or Kite board.
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