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Sup into a Sup Foil

The foil is a fin that exploiting the hydrodynamics effect allows your sup board to rise from the water and “fly” on the surface.

Compared to windsurfing the foil from sup or surf is completely different in size and shape of the  wings, mast, stiffness ect ect,  as you can see in the images below

Windsurf foil Surf or Sup Foil

The deep tuttle box, it is not inserted in the back of the board,  but at a certain distance (from the tail) it depends on the size of the board, (look at this page where everything is explained)

In this photos below you can see the conversion from a normal SUP into a SUP foil.

You can buy online the Deep Tuttle Fin box or you can bring us  your the board and we will prepare your board.
The Foil box can be installed in any windsurfing board or Sup or Kite board.
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