Whenever is possible, your ordered items will be shipped to a unique shipment.

In this way we try to reduce the number of parcels sent to limit the packaging material to be dispatched once the order has been received.
It will be possible to send items belonging to different orders in the same packet if:
1) Orders were made through the same account.
2) Orders will be delivered to the same shipping address.
3) Ordered items are located in the same storage center.
4) Orders are shipped to national or international addresses within Europe.
5) Orders can fit inside one padded envelope with dimensions: 10cm x 15cm x 1cm

There are some cases where we can not merge your orders.
– Orders can not be shipped by the same storage Center.
– Orders have different shipping addresses.
– Orders contains PADS, Boom Regrip, Windsurfing Box (Tuttle or Powerbox)

When different order items are shipped in one package, the shipping costs of each single order remain unchanged.

Shipment costs indicated in the single order will not only include the shipping costs of the products

Seatexboards Store costs are also included for the entire process of delivery and delivery of the order at the indicated shipping address.